Getting a better look at the individual elements that make up theĀ Drawing CultureĀ communal drawings

Today is all about data analysis for me, which means taking a really close look at all of the wonderful contributions that people have made to the project. The variety of contributions is fascinating, with thoughtful, powerful, silly, fun, odd, and rebellious (I’m looking at you, person that drew poop) drawings combining to make an overall artwork. I could look at them all day.

The above’s just a selection of the lovely little details that can be picked out if you look hard enough. All combining into one wonderful explosion of expression like this:


So while I am putting in a lot of hard work writing about everything that can be gained from projects like this, my data is providing little rays of sunshine while I work.

I’ll be updating soon with more pictures and info on how art can be used as data, but for now I’ll leave you with a message from one of our contributors: