There’s a problem with how we measure cultural value. A few problems, actually. This project seeks to investigate how we can change that, specifically if there’s a way to use drawing and doodling to come up with new results.

Why does it matter? Pretty much everyone takes part in ‘cultural’ activity, and a lot of governmental policies use the values of culture as a basis for their actions. But there are deep-rooted problems with much of how culture is regarded, consumed, and particularly how it is valued, in modern societies, many of which are rooted in colonialist and exclusionary thought and policy. This affects the way that we see ourselves and our own cultural participation, and is a factor in the exclusion of many groups from arts activities.

A large number of (excellent) researchers have contributed to this discussion and identified these problems. The majority of them have found serious fault with the way studies in this area are conducted. So I’m looking at new ways to do this. I may not succeed, but I’ll be documenting what I find along the way on here.

I’ll be out on the streets of Galway City getting people to contribute their drawings to the discussion, so come on down and join in.